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Special additives for aluminum
This product is specially used for sealing treatment after anodizing. The sealant FT-F002L has the characteristics of environmental protection,nickel free, sound sealing capability,wide temperature and pH range,stable process,etc., and makes
This product is specially used for the sealing treatment after anodizing. The sealing agent FT-F003 has the characteristics of environment-friendly nickel-free,good sealing performance,wide temperature and pH range,stable process,etc. The surface of the alloy after sealing
The alkali etching additive FT-J-001 produced by our company is specially developed for the surface treatment requirements of aluminum profiles; it has the functions of leveling,corrosion inhibition,surface activation, chromium aluminum ions
The FT-LD-001 chromium-free passivator is composed of oxidant,surfactant,and complexing agent. It does not contain heavy metals such as nickel,chromium,lead and cadmium,and is an environment-friendly product.
The aluminum acid degreasing agent FT-S-001 produced by our company is specially used in the degreasing cleaning treatment before passivation of aluminum profiles,which can well remove the oxide layer and various
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