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Talent Strategy



Personal growth makes Xinlu grow

If Xinlu does not have excellent talents,it must not be an excellent Xinlu; if Xinlu's employees do not have the execution ability,it must be an inefficient Xinlu; if Xinlu's employees do not have a clear development plan for their future,it It must be Xinlu who lacks planning.

Satisfaction with the status quo is a manifestation of refusal to grow. Living in complacency is walking on the way into the abyss. The environment can only force you to progress,and personal growth can only depend on yourself!

Where will you be in five years?

What is your goal in life? Only one person can tell you that person is you. You can close your eyes and record the first ideal that comes to your mind,because the answer without thinking is the most sincere. You can also imagine,in ten years,when you reach the perfect state of life,what kind of environment will you be in? what's your job? Combining your life goals with your work,what kind of achievements do you need to make in Xinlu? This is your goal! A bright future is designed. Personal planning is to help you design your beautiful life!

One theme a year

Define your own theme year. In your work plan,one stage must have a clear stage result. The best way for leaders to build people's confidence is to find one thing and take it to the end until they achieve results and results.

The theme is the center of the work of all employees. The lower level should focus on the theme of the superior,the quality inspection department should focus on the theme of the production department,and the production department should focus on the theme of the sales department. All departments should focus on the planning theme of Jiangsu Xinlu.

Where there is a summary,there is accumulation,where there is accumulation,there is growth

Growth depends on passion and progress depends on accumulation. The best way to accumulate is to summarize and review.

The learning process is a process of continuous internalization,and internalization is like digestion,not completed at once,so it needs to be summarized. In work,insist on daily self-summary and retrospective summary. This is your growth footprint,and this is also a valuable asset in your life.

Eliminate the weak and force everyone to evolve

Have a hardworking spirit in work and career development; "greedy" in wolf culture refers to the tireless pursuit of work and career; "violent" in wolf culture means to be rough in the adversity of work Tackling difficulties one after another,we cannot be kind to them.

If Xinlu does not eliminate the weak,the result will be that the weak will in turn eliminate the strong,and Xinlu will become less and less powerful,more bureaucratic,and less aggressive.

The leader's mission is to force employees to evolve,set up a good platform and sing good shows,anyone,either evolve or quit!

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