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xlOne saying [industry attributes]: Take Xin and Lu as the foundation.

- Xin means metal; metal produces metal, and three produces all the things.

Started in the field of metal heat treatment and grew in the field of fine chemicals.

- Dew means water; externalized from water and dew is formed through condensation.

Deeply cultivated in the field of fine chemicals and then extends its leadership benchmark to provide customers with high-end services that exceed value and exceed products.

The goal for the current stage is: Become a leader in the field of special chemical new materials in the coming decade!

Another saying [integrity-based]: Be sincere like Xin (metal),and moisten things like dew.

- Xin means three metals; faith will move mountains.

Win the trust of customers with steady professional level.

- Dew means sweet dew; the spring rain moistens all the things.

Create industry confidence depending on delicate service quality.

Xinlu people must be accountable,pursue their own growth and innovation; conduct win-win cooperation with customers,and become the mainstay of the industry.

Another saying [professional growth]: The will is as rigid as Xin (metal),and the demeanour is like dew.

- Xin also means golden tripod; it represents trustworthy and rigid will,everything will be achieved.

Not afraid of challenges or failures,and create great cause with perseverance.

- Dew means sweet dew; it represents helping the world,kindhearted and merciful,be accountable.  

Not afraid of hardship,not afraid of twists and turns,and be fully responsible for the results.

Xinlu people are hardworking,self-examined and self-disciplined. We will not make any excuses,and embrace responsibility with passion!

Another saying [strategic ambition]: Xin also means great cause,benefiting mankind like dew.

- Xin means multiple metals; cherish the good fortune of the flourishing age,be thriving and rich.

Every man has his gift. Create grand business in the flourishing age and create a different value of life.

- Dew means to show up; meet the heaven-sent chance,and score big points.

Support the nation and thrive Huaxia,and undertake the responsibility of a ferryman,to promote the success of upstream and downstream customers.

We Xinlu people are determined to listen to the party,follow the party,and build a century-old great cause; on the road to serving the country through industry and rejuvenating China,we have achieved thousands of industry benchmarks!

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