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11Company Vision

Become a leader in the field of special chemical new materials!

Company mission

Listen to the party, go with the party, and strive for a strong country!

Xinlu customers are more satisfied,Xinlu people are happier, Xinlu is more powerful!

Company core values

Courage to be responsible,win-win cooperation,grow and innovate!

Company spirit

Start from scratch every day and have a new starting point every day!

The mentality of returning to zero,the mentality of entrepreneurs,does not allow past achievements to become a burden, but to pursue continuous growth!

Two styles of the company

Introspective and self-disciplined style: the style of courage to self-correct,the style of correcting mistakes

Hard work and enterprising style: the style of perseverance, the style of striving for the first.

The company's three heartfelt


Four consciousness of the company

Safety consciousness: law-abiding consciousness,environmental protection consciousness,control consciousness

Crisis awareness: competition awareness,growth awareness,confidentiality awareness

Awareness of the overall situation: team awareness,service awareness,responsibility awareness

Quality awareness: innovation awareness,quality awareness,brand awareness

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